A GeoServer Project anunciou hoje a versão 1.5.0 relesead.
Esta versão torna o GeoServer uma ferramenta completa, onde o principal foco foi dar suporte a tipos raster, GeoTiff, ArcGrid, World Images, GTOPO30, entre outros.

O download pode ser feito na seguinte URL:


Release Notes – GeoServer – Version 1.5.0

** Bug
   * [GEOS-765] – “Unable to get resolution” during a getMap request
   * [GEOS-846] – BasicFidMapper generated keys are not valid FIDs
   * [GEOS-853] – Geoserver cannot handle files outside the data dir anymore
   * [GEOS-894] – Data without native CRS cannot be reprojected

** Improvement
   * [GEOS-833] – SLD editor should at least show the current SLD
   * [GEOS-848] – Reverse engineer the proper SRS from data when possible
   * [GEOS-852] – Make it so Geoserver can configure the JAI tile cache in a sensible manner
   * [GEOS-864] – GetStyles and PutStyles are not included in the capabilities document
   * [GEOS-895] – Have geoserver use the native CRS, is available

** New Feature
   * [GEOS-862] – Create several WCS tutorials

** Task
   * [GEOS-868] – Create WCS/Coverage docs
   * [GEOS-964] – Documentation for Apache/Tomcat Link & GeoServer Tomcat Installation
   * [GEOS-1010] – update german translation

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